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  • Marquette App | MARQUETTE DAILY

    Marquette County, MICHIGAN Our app’s key features are to showcase local creatives from Marquette, MI. Join us to enhance the user experience with your content contributions. Download the app or use the site to interact with us! Join Locals Like YOU! B2B, B2C and P2P Services Develop and organize your ideas into workable plans with like minded locals. Together we can build valuable resources into local investments and opportunities. Localized Content Library Easily browse the latest added content or search for what you're looking for. Contributions help sustain and grow our collective domain authority. Community Involvement Free content submissions are greatly appreciated and credited when due. Paid memberships support ongoing local charitable giving efforts. Download the app now! You can easily add your own content to this paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click here to make it your own. Get Updates Get the latest app version, news & updates. Subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribe Thanks for submitting!

  • Marquette County Fair Book PDF | MARQUETTE DAILY

    Visit Marquette County Fair Online Share *Load times vary depending on device and connection strength. (save 30mb) 30MB Download to Device WALT'S WARM 2023 WELCOME On behalf of the Marquette County Fair Association, I welcome you to the 31st annual Marquette County Fair. We’ve had some wonderful new people step into service positions here in the past year. We have three new board members: Samantha Durley, Stephanie Hurley, and Dan Roberts. We welcome them and thank them for their contributions to this year’s Fair. We also have a new Vendor Coordinator, Kelsey Melka. You will see her smiling face in and around the Exhibition building. James VanOrman has taken on our webmaster duties and he is also our grounds keeper. We would also like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Eileen Trethewey for her 20+ years on our board. While she is retiring from the board, Eileen is still an avid volunteer. This year we have lots of new and exciting things to talk about! On Saturday morning we will have our first (annual?) 5K Fun Run. Registration forms are available online; your fee will entitle you to a commemorative t-shirt, admission to the fair, and a chance for a door prize. On Saturday evening, we will close out the fair with a good old fashion Hoedown. Bring your boots and western wear for live music and dancing. Don’t know how to dance? We’ve got you covered with free line dancing lessons at the event! Be sure to join the fun! We are very excited to bring three bigger ground acts to the fair this year. The BMX Stunt bikes from last year are fantastic, but got rained out on Saturday last year so they are eager to return. We have a team of magicians that will wow you with many tricks and illusions. Our largest act is a circus family performing highwire acts, motorcycles in the Globe of Death, dog acts and juggling. These acts will be staggered throughout the day, with performances on the hour for nine fun packed hours of free entertainment. We are pleased to have Family Fun Tyme back as our carnival with new rides and old favorites. The Building & Grounds committee has been busy again this year: we built a new interior storage area in the northwest corner of the Exhibition Building, put up new lighting in Treasures of the Past, and installed new lights at the horse arena. Several panels in the outside horse stalls were replaced and painted. There was also general painting of many doors and trim. It was another fun filled and busy summer at the Fairgrounds, and we couldn’t do it without a dedicated board and volunteers. If you were here working, Thank You. If you would like to be a part of this fun group, talk to any board member and we will help you find a project or two. Each year we go to the Michigan Fair Convention in Grand Rapids. It gives us an opportunity to network with people from Fairs throughout our great State. We always leave thinking we have a wonderful Fair for our size. I think it’s because of the people that participate in our Fair. Whether you are a 4-H kid caring for an animal in a barn, a youngster with entries in the Youth building, if you compete in the horse shows, display your crafts, sewing, photography or vegetables, YOU are all part of the show, and it wouldn’t happen without you. We also have a close-knit and cooperative group of vendors, selling food, t-shirts, insurance… Again, it wouldn’t be the same without that favorite treat to purchase. Most of all we love to talk to the patrons, so thank you for coming year after year. See you at the Fair, Walt Maki (President) ​ ​ ​ P.O. Box 66 ♦ Marquette, MI 49855 ♦ 906.249.4111 ♦

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  • Search Marquette County-Wide Rentals and Home Sales Lookup Resource

    New Resource! Marquette County-Wide Real Estate and Rental Lookup Find rentals and homes for sale in Marquette County Michigan - A Custom Web Search Experience This local lookup page features a custom search engine enhanced by Google. It has been programmed to emphasize any website with a target audience or keyword related to "Marquette rentals and home sales". SafeSearch is enabled and there are keyword triggered promotions to resource recommendations and referral links that may earn a commission. Auto-completion suggestions and most frequent keywords will begin to appear after frequent use. Refinements include city defined search results. MARQUETTE 247 | 365 Marquette County Michigan, naturally, happens to be the geographical hub of the beautiful Upper Peninsula. The area has economic history as a shipping center for iron ore coming from the west side. Marquette today is an area developing quickly, both in real estate and access to technology. Marquette now needs your local support of businesses more than ever. Residents and owners of retail, restaurant, education, health care and outdoor recreation businesses know Marquette is a great place to live, work and play. The area has received lots of recognition over the last few years including: Top 10 Best Small Cities in America (Nerd Wallet), Top 5 Places to Retire (CNN/Money), Top 20 Towns for Sportsmen (Outdoor Life), 10 Best Small Cities to raise a family (Forbes), Number one place to bike and live (Bike magazine), Top 100 Small Art Towns in America. ​

  • SearchMQT eGift Card | MARQUETTE DAILY

    EBUX by SearchMarquette $2 Whether buying for yourself, a friend or family members you can't go wrong with an eGift Card. Choose the amount, write a personalized message, and you can even choose the day of delivery. Shop Local. ... Read more Buy Marquette Activities Pass and eStore Gift Card Amounts $2 $3 $4 $5 $25 $50 $100 $150 $200 $500 $1,000 Other amount Quantity of Gift Cards Buy Now

  • Love on Local | MARQUETTE DAILY

    Advertising Frame Provided By SearchMQT


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  • ZonXPress | D.I.S.C.O. Links | MARQUETTE DAILY

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  • Local Members | MARQUETTE DAILY

    SearchMarquette.NET Local Members Dashboard Log In 100% MARQUETTE - MQT ​ Residents AND Business Owners ​ SearchMarquette IS local. SearchMarquette can be YOUR local database to search online first, anytime there is internet. The same, trusted convenient, method you've been searching for. Just TRY it! You're involvement in this LOCAL groundfloor start-up web company will help shape the future of business in Marquette. Today is the day to start that change, Marquette! Now we have an opportunity to WORK TOGETHER because Marquette deserves more.

  • ZonXPress | More | MARQUETTE DAILY

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  • Cutout Photos County Shape | Search Marquette Network

    UPLOAD Now Align and Screenshot or "PrtSc" An error occurred. Try again later Image DELETE NO-NOS ADD NEW To The Yoop Photo Cutout!

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