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Quick How-to Guide: Rich Text Box

(Please use Desktop Site for best results)

  1. Accessing the Tool: When you open the customizable post creator page, you'll see a text area labeled "Enter your text or HTML content here...". This is the rich text box where you can input your content.

  2. Entering Content: Click on the text area to start typing or paste your content. You can add text, include links, format text (such as making it bold or italic), and even add images if needed.

  3. Formatting Options: You can format your text using HTML tags directly in the text area. For example:

    • <b> for bold text

    • <i> for italic text

    • <a href="URL">Link Text</a> for hyperlinks

    • <img src="IMAGE_URL" alt="{image description}"> for images

  4. Previewing Output: As you enter your content, you'll see a live preview of how it will appear in the output section above. This allows you to see how your content will look once it's generated.

  5. Adjusting Appearance: You can also adjust the appearance of the output by modifying other input fields, such as the background image URL, logo image URL, and headline text.

  6. Copying HTML Output: Once you're satisfied with your content and its appearance, you can copy the HTML output generated below the input fields. This HTML code includes all the necessary styles and formatting to recreate your customized post on any webpage.

  7. Customizing Further: Feel free to experiment with different content, images, and styles to create the perfect post for your needs. You can always come back to this page to make adjustments and generate updated HTML output.


That's it! With these simple steps, you can use the rich text box to create and customize your posts with ease.






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