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People generally want a search engine that provides them with accurate, relevant, and timely search results that are easy to navigate and understand. Here are some specific features that QUESTUARY.COM has:

  1. Relevance: Users want a search engine to provide them with relevant results that are closely related to their search query.

  2. Speed: People want fast search results that load quickly and don't waste their time.

  3. Accuracy: Users want search engines to be accurate and reliable, providing them with trustworthy information.

  4. User-friendly interface: People prefer search engines that have a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows them to quickly find what they are looking for.

  5. Advanced search options: Some users may want advanced search options to refine their search queries and find more specific information.

  6. Mobile compatibility: With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, users may prefer a search engine that is optimized for mobile devices.

  7. Personalization: Some users may appreciate a search engine that provides personalized search results based on their search history, location, and preferences.

  8. Security and privacy: People may also look for search engines that prioritize their privacy and protect their personal information.

WHO owns, otherwise known as "Q" in some circles, is independantly owned in Marquette, Michigan by entrepreneur Garrett Paquette. 

While you may see popular brands and content featured within the Questuary Catalog of Web Pages, third-party brands are the respective owners of their own trademarks and content authorized for use on MY site. In other words, I don't work FOR any of these companies directly, but I use their technologies FOR your and my collective benefits within my websites. 
Additionally, Google, Facebook, Amazon and other providers of solutions available on this site have made those solutions accessible by permission in their individual terms of agreement. As an affiliate certain links on this website may lead to sales that generate commissions for Questuary to 'keep the lights on' and D.I.S.C.O. Content™ coming. 

*As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commissions from qualified sales.*

WHAT is Questuary?

A novel small business web design to invest your time and clicks into... ;)

Before February 2023, to define "questuary" by internet dictionary standard definition, it was an archane term meaning "one employed to collect profits". Re-coined, adapted and modernized by G.P. as an underused 'SEO potential keyword', brings together something for everyone on the web at no extra costs to them to visit and use it!

To be more transparent, using ad supported search traffic and products sold on Amazon, is a 'D.I.S.C.O. ContentTM' rich home screen worthy website built for your convenience to find Deals, Info, Specials, Coupons, and Offers online 24/7/365. *inhale*
From web services in novice e-commerce solutions and evergreen content marketing to crowd-sourced mixed-opinions and user-created reviews or recommendations can be your new web home sensation. Click it OR flick it!

It's the whole internet... at your fingertips for your convenience; repurposed, reused, reduced and refined into a community-driven web company providing value added search resources to sort, filter and share what you want all year long. 

WHEN can I use Questuary?

24/7 ALL YEAR LONG!! Every. Single. Day. Provided the website/app isn't down... you can use Questuary always, in either hemisphere or neither! is now even available on the International Space Station!? Maybe...

WHERE do I make the most impact?

Requested by visitors like you, content percolates to the top of the homepage and is emphasized in the search and populates on this page! Together with YOUR visits, click hits and keywords, we can quest together to find what we're looking for right here on the good ol' homepage where it's simple to visit, browse it, and click it, whatever 'It' may be... Please connect today:

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WHY does exist?

For interest and enquiries by visitors like you of course! Dually, it is a decades old endeavor to create a functional website that anyone can use to find things online, whether that be locally or not local, and in creating that transactional connection I may get paid a commission for the referral ("one employed to collect profits"). Questuary is just the tip of a database worth of knowledge and experience I've personally gained over the last ten years.

I have combined my top resources available as an independent website owner to create and partner sites. As a student of entrepreneurship I believe in creating value for those who use my services. As such, I hope you find value in daily use of

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What a great looking question! Simply promote the heck outta the site with me! Let everyone know the cool, simple new website that earns commissions from qualified purchases made using the ad supported Google enhanced Web Search and Amazon Associate links presented in native ads displayed here. 



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Life is THE Quest You Are In...

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